Our Mission

At UVT Fishing, we are deeply committed to our mission of offering anglers exceptional lures that surpass expectations. Our company was founded on humble beginnings, starting with Uncle Vin, a passionate fisherman who, despite limited resources, created lures from scrap wood and repurposed materials.

We take great pride in paying homage to Uncle Vin, also affectionately known as "Pop Pop," by partnering with knowledgeable, local captains to bring their unique perspectives and expertise to the creation of their dream lures. Without the valuable contributions of these partners and captains, UVT Fishing would not have achieved the success we enjoy today.

We are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to work with such talented individuals and remain steadfast in our commitment to providing anglers with top-quality lures that elevate their fishing experience.

We welcome you to the UVT Fishing Family!